Peugeot Les Impitoyables Sparkling Wines Tasting Glass


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With Les Impitoyables tasting becomes perfection. Our glasses are specially designed to reveal all of the qualities of each wine. Each style of wine has its own glass shape to release the flavors and serve just the right volume to reveal the wines quintessence. Each Les Impitoyables glass is a unique handmade and off-hand blown piece created according to great glassmaking traditions. Glass No. 4: Sparkling wines Tapered to contain just the right volume while minimizing aeration this glass has a frosted area at the base to help columns of bubbles rise to the surface. The widest part at the top of the glass intensifies the perception of aromas and hinders their dispersion. USING A TASTING GLASS The glass should be filled no higher than the broadest part of the body allowing a maximum exposure to the air causing the aromas to develop and intensify. The broad surface will also allow the optimal opportunity to examination the surface of the wine. By filling the glass to only one-third of its capacity space remains for the aromas of the wine its bouquet to develop. As the wine begins to evaporate its various aromatic elements begin to concentrate in this area and taster is able to fully appreciate all the wine has to offer over the course of the tasting. Please note: before each tasting purists will rinse each glass with a little wine.

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