Ultimate Wine Storage in a New Light!Introducing the most advanced N'FINITY Wine Cellar ever the PRO HDX Series. This sleek and sexy wine cellar is sure to light up and beautify any room that it graces. The showcase display lighting can be set to blue red or have them alternate automatically. Equipped with a 25% more energy efficient and ETL approved cooling system than its predecessors as well as telescoping shelving that will fit all your various sized 750 ML bottles. With dual zone cooling and built-in capability this is the perfect unit for all your wine storage and service needs.Advanced Display Cabinet LightingCan't decide between a blue or red display light for your wine cellar? Now you don't have to! With N'FINITY PRO HDX you can set the lighting to alternate between the two or select either color for display. Both will ensure your collection is showcased as it should be.3 Year Factory WarrantyThe entire sealed cooling system is covered for 3 full years parts and labor! With a guarantee like that you can rest assured that your prized collection will remain safe and properly protected for years to come.Telescopic Shelving With Flexible Display ShelfThese new shelves roll out 90% of the way allowing for easy viewing of all the bottles on each shelf. PLUS with a display row option you can accentuate some of the finest bottles from your collection.Touchscreen Controls On LED Door DisplayNo longer do you have to open your door letting all that perfectly cooled air out of your cellar to change the settings. Everything can be done with a simple touch of the controls turning lights on or off and turning off temperature display illumination for a less obtrusive look.Increase In Passive HumidificationThe PRO HDX wine cellar charcoal filters will not only help to maintain the proper relative humidity levels for long term storage but will ensure that only fresh air is circulated throughout the cabinet. Say goodbye to those corks drying out and ruining some of your best bottles.