Keep your wine cool with the Icebar Cooling Stick. The rod is made of stainless steel and silicone; fill it with ice sticks that have been frozen in advance in a convenient silicone mold. Next hang the Icebar in the bottle and seal it with the attached silicone stopper. Results in a chilled drink that has not been diluted with water. The Ice bar Cooling Set includes: a refillable Stainless Steel Cooling rod Silicone bottle stopper and Silicone mold Ice stick freezer tray. The Icebar cools the liquid from the inside versus other options of cooling from the outside that take longer. The refillable cooling rod Ice bar fits into all standard beverage bottles - it features an integrated stopper that can remain in the bottle while pouring wine. The Icebar comes with an Ice stick tray allowing it to be refilled immediately once the ice has melted.