EuroCave Professional 5059 Wine Cellar


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On the strength of its expertise and historic reputation with wine professionals EuroCave Professional has created a brand completely dedicated to the requirements of professionals and positioned itself as the go-to brand for sommeliers! The 5000 Series comprises 9 types of wine cabinets with the capacity to store from 38 to 182 bottles. It combines design and technology for serving and storing your wines. The numerous equipment combinations offered by the 5000 Series help you to serve your wines as efficiently as possible! Features: Modular adaptable equipment: To make storage easier: Main Du Sommelier sliding shelves a presentation kit for your best bottles. Comprehensive range to suit any service requirement: 1 2 or several temperature zones to bring your wine to the ideal temperature. Bottle Capacity: 38 bottles* Shelving: 4 rolling shelves Ambient Temperature range: 32-81 degrees Weight: 106 lbs. *A Note About Bottle Capacities: Wine Enthusiasts stated bottle capacities is always based off of storing all standard Bordeaux size bottles which are generally 12′ H and 2 7/8′ W. 750 ML bottle sizes can vary greatly in both height and width so be sure to check the bottles in your collection as larger bottles (i.e. Pinot Noir Burgundy Syrah Champagne etc.) will lower capacity. If up to 50% of your collection consists of these taller/wider750 ML bottles capacity can be lowered by 10-15% if over 50% of your collection consists of these taller/wider 750 ML bottles capacity can be lowered by up to 25-30%.

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