EuroCave Premiere L Wine Cellar


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Unleashing a new level of style and value the EuroCave Premiere Line of Wine Cellars will impress with their sleek modern design and economical energy efficiency. EuroCave Premiere Cellars help to create the climate of a natural deep French wine cave providing an ideal long term storage aging environment. With advanced features such as precise temperature setting capability visual and audible alarms increased overall energy efficiency and nearly silent decibel levels the Premiere cellars have everything you would expect from EuroCave. Enjoy the illuminating detachable display lighting which will showcase your entire collection or allow you to closely examine every label in your EuroCave cellar. Available in various attractive door styles all with a discretely concealed handle and robust locking system the new line of Premiere Wine Cellars welcomes you to take your first step to discover all that EuroCave has to offer. EuroCave Premiere Core Features:Digital Control Panel with Alarm NotificationsSophisticated and sleek control panel offers sensitive touch buttons and along with a visual and audible alarm system. Improved Energy Consumption and Acoustic LevelsWith up to 64% less energy used than other comparable wine cellars and a decibel rating of 37 these cellars are easy on the wallet and ears in any home it graces.Stylish Door Styling with Integrated Handle and Locking System With an integrated handle concealed in the side and top of the door along with a robust full locking mechanism these cellar provide style security and stability. Detachable Cellar Lighting SystemYou can showcase your entire collection or read a specific label on that special bottle from your collection the choice is yours. MDS Adjustable Shelving SystemMain du Sommelier (‘Hand of the Sommelier’) shelving features 12 adjustable ‘hands’ that cradle your bottles individually and securely just as a restaurant sommelier would. Each individual hand is a slightly concave bottle-holder lined with rubber insets to prevent bottles from rolling rattling or clinking together when sliding the shelf (in or out).

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