BOJ Wall Mounted Corkscrew (Black Nickel)


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Exceptionally designed with professional quality in mind. Easy to open wine bottles with efficiency. OPERATION: with the BOJ wall-mounted corkscrew is very easy to open wine bottles with efficiency. The leverage arm of this opener measures 12 inches to maximize extracting power with an overall height of 22 inches. Place the bottle in the holder: it is not necessary to hold the bottle. The wall mounted corkscrew is very sturdy and the mechanism works very smoothly. USAGE: primarily designed for places with a high volume of openings like restaurants wineries bars wine tasting rooms or caterings. However customers tend to purchase it to give a professional touch to home bars or enhance beautiful kitchens. Unique as a personal o corporate gift. MATERIALS: both the handle and backing are made of sapele a large tree native to tropical Africa also known as aboudikro. Some luxury car manufacturers use the same wood for its high-end vehicles. The body is mostly made of zamak a resistant material with a base metal of zinc and alloying elements. The worm is a strong milled spiral made of steel. Only by special order it is available a 24 karat gold model. WORLDWIDE PATENT: the wall-mounted corkscrew was originally designed 75 years ago by Santiago Olaneta son of the founder and his design team. Improved with the feedback of thousands of thousands of hours of operation from customers. Dimensions: 21- 5/8′ H X 3- 1/2′ W X 4- 1/2′ D Overall Weight : 7.3 Lbs.

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