Italian white wine

Italian white wine is really worth a try. This great wine country produces next to red great white wines. You have to try Soave and wines made of Malvasia, Pinot Grigio or Trebbiano grapes. Besides the well known grapes Italy grows a wide range of white grapes most people never heard off. The Italian wine drinker are normally not interested in de the grapes a wine is made of. They mostly interested in the region a wine is produced. Thats why on most of the bottles you will not find the grapes the wine is made of.

Soave, Gavi, Orvieto and Roero

Soave is a delicious Italian white wine which is most well known. It is made of Trebbiano and Garganega grapes. From the Soave zone in the Veneto region, made mainly from Garganega grapes. Generally dry, crisp, un-oaked, and light- or medium-bodied, with subdued flavors of pear, apple, or peach.

Gavi is normally a dry, medium-bodied wine from Cortese grapes in the Gavi area of Piedmont. Typically crisp and un-oaked (sometimes slightly oaky) with delicate notes of honey, apples, and minerals.

Orvieto is generally a medium-bodied wine made mainly from Grechetto grapes around Orvieto, in the Umbria region. Dry, crisp, with flavors of pear and apple and a pleasantly bitter finish.

Alto Adige and Friuli

Alto Adige and Friuli are the best wine region of Italy. Because the wine region is close to Austria you can experience German influences. The wines from Alto Adige have clear acids en hypnotising aroma’s. The best wine are made from Gewürztraminer

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