Wine is made from grapes. Together with climate and soil the grape determines the taste of the wine. There are red and white grapes. The juice of grapes is white or without colour. The color of the wine is determined by the contact of the wine with the grapes.




Sancerre is famous because of the great dry white wines. This wine region is situated at the borders of the Loire river. This area is well known because of the fresh high quality wines made of Sauvignon Blanc grapes. This is not the easiest grape but in Sancerre farmers are able to produce wines in […]



Meursault wine is considered to be the top of white Burgundy wines. The vineyards around the village bringing forward high quality wines which are rich and fresh at the same time. Within this apellation are no Grand Cru wines. There are a lot of great Premiere Crus. On the label on the wine bottels you […]


Brunello di Montalcino

Brunello di Montalcino is a red Italian wine produced in the vineyards surrounding the town of Montalcino located about 120 km south of Florence in the Tuscany wine region. Brunello, a diminutive of Bruno, a male given name which means brown, is the name that was given locally to what was believed to be an […]


Bardolino wine producing area is one of the most fascinating territory in Italy with its complexity made by lake Garda , Italy biggest lake, the hills surrounding it and the changes made by men in more than 30.000 years of human settlements. Staying on the subject of Bardolino wine there is the Museo del Vino […]

Barbera d’Alba

In the surroundings of the city Alba in the Piedmont region are a few DOC’s which are producing very good wines. One of this regions is Barbera d’Alba. In the name you will discover that these wines are made of the Barbera grape. De wines from the good wineries are of a very good quality […]