Barbera d’Alba

In the surroundings of the city Alba in the Piedmont region are a few DOC’s which are producing very good wines. One of this regions is Barbera d’Alba. In the name you will discover that these wines are made of the Barbera grape. De wines from the good wineries are of a very good quality compared with a good price. They are really worth the try.

Barbera d’Alba and Piedmont

Barbera d’Alba consist as a DOC as a part of the famous wineregion Piedmont. For centuries farmers are making wine in this part of Italy. In the vineyards of Piedmont most of the grapes are Nebbiolo and Barbera. From the Nebbiolo the farmers are making heavy and strong wines. The Barbera grape gaines in popularity because the wines are softer and more elegant.

Barbera d’Alba Superiore

Besides the ‘normal’ Barbera d’Alba wine there is also Barbera d’Alba Superiore. The normal Barbera d’Alba isn’t maturing in barrels while the Superiore al least 12 month matures in oak barrels. After that period they will be brought on the market. All wines from the Barbera d’Alba DOC are exclusively made from the Barbera grape.


Barbara d’Alba wines

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